Harvard AM111 2017 Fall

Course Name: Applied Math 111, Introduction to Scientific Computing

Instructor: Prof. Robin Wordsworth (rwordsworth@seas.harvard.edu), 426 Geological Museum
Teaching Fellow: Jiawei Zhuang (jiaweizhuang@g.harvard.edu), Pierce Hall 108

Lecture Time: Tues/Thurs 13:00-14:30
Lecture Location: 375 Geological Museum (3rd floor)

Session Time: Every Monday 17:00-18:00
Session Location: GeoMuseum 103A

TF’s Office Hour: Every Tuesday 15:00-16:00, Pierce Hall 108

This website contains supplemental materials made by the TF, Jiawei Zhuang. These materials are not required for completing this course, but just provide additional information I find useful. Might also use them for the session. Your grade will not be affected if you choose to ignore this website.

Homework Notes

Additional notes (hints, clarifications) for homework.

MATLAB in Jupyter Notebooks

This course is taught in MATLAB. One thing you could try is to run MATLAB codes in Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter Notebook is a must-learn tool for data scientists, and it is also becoming popular in the traditional scientific computing community. It is a great tool for interactive computing and allows you to combine codes, simulation results, and descriptions such as latex equations in a single file.

See how to install and use it at:

Some basic understanding of Linux command line and Python will be useful for installation. If you are just new to programming, you should simply use MATLAB’s original, basic user interface and come back to this tutorial later when you are interested.

If you feel good about this tool, you can choose to submit notebooks for your homework, Again, your grade will not be affected by the file format of your homework.